A year of change

And enlightenment. As the close of 2010 is less than 48
hours away there are a few conclusions to be drawn and a few good
times to look over as self-defining moments from this year. For my
own closure and for anyone who reads/has read this, this is a
“wrapping up my blog” post and a brief summary of how this year has
changed me as a human. Let me first say that it’s awesome to know
that all my friends and I have saved our money and moved out of
that shitty town that’d been bringin’ us down. Every thing is
looking up from here. I have a great new job that pays well, allows
me to learn and introduces me to some great people. Plus China is
becoming more plausible each pay day. I just experienced my first
Christmas away from home, I thought it would be more sad, but I saw
my family over 3 intense christmas days and had so many good times
that everything was fine. This year and this Christmas brought a
revelation of growing up and something I never thought I would say
is that “Yes, I am growing up.” I now realise though that growing
up isn’t exactly what you picture as a kid. You don’t suddenly just
stop wanting to have fun, you don’t just start liking vegetables
over night. You don’t become boring and it’s not like one day you
get a complete sex education lesson that answers all the questions
that were a heavily debated topic in primary school. It’s amazing,
its a mix of all your experienced and all your broaden horizons
that shaped who you become. I have always been a pretty bright kid
as the schooling systems grading scheme has told me. But despite
the fact I may not be topping all my Uni classes I feel so much
more enlightened now than I ever have, I feel I have learnt more
things and more important things in the past year then in any year
of schooling. It may just be as a result of to many night being
drunk and philosophical debating or it could be the fact that I am
really experiencing, taking in everything and thinking myself to
death. What ever it is I can say that it is making me realise more
and more who I am and what I want. Something that really distresses
me is that people can cry, and morn over some ones death, but death
is really not the saddest thing. The saddest thing is the fact that
some people don’t even get to live their lives at all. All I want
is to be able to look back one day and say that I don’t regret a
single thing I didn’t get to do in my life. I want to experience
true happiness and I want to sincerely live my life. Now that the
heartfelt crap is over I want to make a list, this has been the
best year of my life and these are the reasons why. 1. My 19th
birthday. 2. Sydney, Melbourne road trip with Daniel. (RT10) 3.
Started this blog. 4. Started dating Elly. 5. Moved out of home. 6.
Went through some stupid phases. (eg. indie) 7. Made new friends.
8. Became closer with current best friends. 9. Was in a bad crash.
(rolled the van) 10. Went to Melbourne with Milestones. 11. Winter
road trip/skii trip with Elly. 12. Bought my most expensive
material possession to date (MacBook) 13. Ruled another year of
uni. 14. Got a new and awesome job at the museum. 15. Made the
decision to go to China. 16. First Christmas away from home. 17.
Saved the most amount of money I have ever saved before. 18. And
finally I have done a whole lot of thinking, reading, talking and
learning. Leading to eye opening epiphanies and and life changing
values. Thank you to everyone who was involved in my life for the
past 365 days. You have made it the best year and I am so grateful.
Thank you to anyone who has read this blog. And thank you to anyone
who has inspired me this year. Keep being awesome!

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7 security guards, 2 police officers, simplicity and rapture

Things like this should be more regularly documented. The other night I told Dakota to come over, coincidentally just after that Daniel called to say he was coming over as well. Two of my best mates. The night started when Daniel and I went to buy some beer and decided to steal a bin for my house because they were too expensive at office works and the bottle shop had excessive amounts of bins next to the drive through. I have never stolen anything in my life, but because the guy working at the drive through wasn’t entirely keen on the idea of turning his back for us while we acquired the bin, we had to be a little sneaky and grab it from out of the window as we left the drive through. Only down side was when we tried to exit and went the wrong way then had to reverse back past him with a bin sticking out the window.

A few beers and sausage burgers later we finally decided to go for a skate. Between almost getting hit buy cars, waiting for Daniel to catch up and avoiding the chromers under the bridge we arrived at the Brisbane river. A good decision was made to sit on the City Cat jetty and drink another beer until old mate Mike had to do his job and kick us off, for our own safety. The we met Mary, a cranky old woman who chased us out of the car park which led us to another security guard who told us all about how stupid the guy who designed the art in Southbank is. Four more security guards who all knew us quite well after all the transmissions over the walkie talkies were our next acquaintances.

The next genius idea was to skate across the Goodwill bridge to QUT. I told Daniel and Dakota that we couldn’t leave the bridge until we had all shared a beer and looked at the city so Dakota took my beer and through it into the river. Alas we continued.

After 2 Police Men took our details incase there was a report of 3 skinny skaters bashing up Mary the cranky security guard we then called Elly to come pick us up. Her more than adequate reply was, “No, I am in bed, you skated there, skate home.” So we did.

The moral of the story is how simplicity and doing something so trivial can be the most amazing thing. All you need to have a good time is good friends, good imagination and high spirits.

NOTE: Upon proof reading this I feel it portrays me to look like a nasty, drunken, thieving, skater kid. So I would pre-emptively like to defend myself. I have never stolen before in my life, we basically told the guy at the bottle shop we were going to take one of his bins and although he had to oppose because it is his job, I think they will recover from losing on of there 50-60 bins. When I woke up the next morning I found that between the 3 of us we hadn’t even halved the contents of the carton so despite the story involving lots of beer drinking it was not a lot. Finally, we are not rowdy skater kids, everyone we met(except Mary) was really stoked to meet us and talked with us for a while. Oh and none of us can even really skate, I think that is what made the night a little more interesting.

– Wish I had taken my own photo.

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A disputable disposition

There are less than 2 weeks left of uni. I have one assignment left. In about 12 days time I will have no obligations other than work. I will be able to spend some time being hygienic and maintaining the world around me as opposed to living on fast food, coffee and energy drinks surrounded by piles of dirty clothes and unorganised belongings. It will be a time to recoup not only the organisation of my life be the relationships I have as well. I will be able to see more of my friends and family and spend quality time with these people. One more opportunity that will arise is the free time to work more. After I turn 20 at the start of next year I plan to find self actualisation. Instead of an ordered looping lifestyle, I want to experience everything with no linear direction.

On top of this, a friend I have known for almost ten years has expressed an interest to travel with me. I was not sure wether I wanted to travel alone or not, but if I had to travel with anyone, it would be him.

-Sitting like a sponge and letting everything soak.

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ain’t do ’em like they used ta’

Today was a good day, good days are sparse for me. Every time I have one I wonder what I do with the rest of my days and how I manage to waste so much time being bored or depressed.

Mum came over today, she brought me a lot of things like my bodyboard and cork board, stuff I ordered online came. Mum took me out to lunch and bought me a rake HAHA. We walked around and talked a lot and I am now more certain than ever that I am going to travel China next year.

I cannot wait to get out of this town and explore the world. But for now, while I am stuck here I will keep on making the most of everything.

To mark the occasion I have turned a bad thing, into a happy thing…

– TA DA.

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Snappy Snap

Just some more pictures.

– Where we rode to.

– 😉

– Elly and her new/old bike.

– Me with Evey’s bike, haha!

– Devil Eyes!


– Slab

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Bike ride

It has been over a month since my last post and past events call for a new post.
I think as the year has progresses I have developed a high threshold for the standard of the posts that go on this blog. I have written other posts, I just never post them. But when enough great things happen in a short period it reminds me of how great life can be and how I should write about it to remember and to inspire.

Now despite the rain trying to massacre the short lived one week break I got from uni a miracle has conspired to take down the negative connotations rain usually implies onto all of your great plans. Elly and myself decided that on the holidays we would each plan out a big day for each other because we feel we done get enough quality alone time.

To go off on a tangent for a bit, it kind of annoyed me that I had to use the words “big day” to describe what we did for each other. There is not a word for it in todays society and I find it sad. It doesn’t fall into the category of a “date” or a “holiday” it is just a big day full if heaps of different fun activities that were kept secret from the other person until actually partaking in the activities. There should be more stuff like this it makes the world a whole lot more of a pleasant place to be.

Elly’s date involved taking me into the city and having sushi and juice on the river front. Then “Tomorrow When the War Began” at the IMAX. This is when the rain began but this wasn’t going to spoil our day. We got on the city cat to New Farm and then she pulled out my favorite short bread biscuits baked into the shape of “I ❤ J." After a puddle fight we were cold, saturated and dirty but we went back on the city cat all the way at south bank where we took a ride on the Brisbane eye. After everything we went home to a hot shower and I came out to find Elly in our room with candles, incense, wine and the best indian curry.

My day consisted of buying Elly a new dress getting some photos taken in our favorite ally way. Breakfast at coffee club, new underwear for me so she would stop complaining how old and gross mine are. We then went home but stopped to get ingredients on the way. At home we made and excessive amount of sushi and I complained about how the pouring rain outside would ruin the next part of the date. But again we didn't care so I took her down stairs to show her, her old bike that I had fixed up and cleaned up for her. We went on a nice ride and had a picnic on top of a hill in Paddington. After riding home we got dry and jumped in the car and went to an awesome little japanese restaurant. She thought the day was over until she came home to a trail of petals leading to the bath surrounded by candles and accompanied by wine.

These days, along with teaching Evey how to ride a bike and other little things have made me really enjoy those little things in life that can make every day beautiful.

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If I say so,

I have been working a lot in the past 2 weeks. A lot of work coinciding with a lot university it has made me really stressed. But back to the latter, as I said, I have been working heaps lately. I like to think I am pretty good at my job. I have been there for over 5 years so I really hope I’m right. Now in being competent with my work I require little mental awareness while working and thus I am free to drift off into my own little world full of my seemingly dreamy and ludicrous thought processes and scarily realistic epiphanies.

This week I have been philosophising more than usual, I have also frequently attained a sense of awareness that I didn’t posses before which is making me realise more and more about the world around me. I am becoming myself, I am creating myself, I am acquainted with the understanding of how the world works and I DO NOT LIKE IT. I am learning with in myself just how to live, I am realising what I have to do to live and I can now fathom the odds that one could be truly alive. I am becoming alive.

I have so much to say and so many people to say it to. I wish I could put into my words in this post all of my thoughts, feelings and passion. Unfortunately although this mass of text I really can only touch on the surface my unorganised disarray of cognisance. If you would like a simple summary of everything this post is about, you could walk away with “follow your heart” and I would be thrilled. Although I would be more thrilled however if you read this and in someway, somehow, it bettered your life.

Now look, I could exclaim “I’m getting so bloody old!” only to be retorted by some 45 year old parent who’s reply is a sarcastic incantation somewhere along the lines of “HA, Yeah, Nineteen is SOOOOOOOOOOOO old.” But how dare you tell me that I am not getting old, how dare you jeer at the fact I am disappointed in my inevitable ageing. I have already wasted a good 3rd of my fully abled body’s life span on sitting in the same town, doing the same thing, every single day, AND I’M SICK OF IT.

I look at people who spend their whole lives aspiring to achieve academically, to get some magnificent job, AND FOR FUCKING WHAT? So they can make a shit load of money, so they can buy an expensive car, so they can drive that car to their extravagant house, full of brand new technology, so they can sit in front of it wasting away their lives with synthetic replacements for the outside world in a pathetic pseudo bliss that they have made something of themselves? It disgusts me that someone could find happiness in this. They have not lived! They have not achieved! They have conformed exactly to the life that the Government and huge, powerful corporations who essentially run the world want us to conform to.

There is too much order in the world. It wasn’t like this in the beginning. We didn’t have to go to school for 12 years, we didn’t have to have a passport, ID and fixed address. Unfortunatly the world has been taken over to a point where you have most of your life planned out and run for you. You are born, you are told you must learn so not knowing any better you march off to school like a good little soldier for 12 years, at the end of this you are told that you should either find a job now or learn some more at a higher education facility. So you pick your path (finally you get to make a decision, even if it is between either A or B), you start making money and putting it in the bank, after a while it becomes a social implication that you should now move out of home and into your own place, where you have to buy your new appliances from a big money hungry corporation who doesn’t care if they make you happy, who cares solely about seperating you from your money. You pay your bills, you get promoted, you get more money and eventully you just buy more expensive, commercial unnecessary crap. We are made to belive we need all these things when we don’t. We are brainwashed into thinking that life is this, birth, education, work, death.

I cannot understand how someone can work for a entire year or their life, have 3 weeks off at the end of the year to go on a cruise or other commercially plugged, expensive, boring vacation and then feel like they have had a great year with a great reward at the end and then happily march back to work next year, IT IS JUST NOT JUSTIFIED. The worst thing is that even though I’m saying all this, even though I know in my head it’s true. It will probably not change a single way you live you life and it will be difficult for me to let it impact mine (although I am determined it will).

So that is the reason I am posting this. If I tell myself I am going to do something then I will. So here is the deal. I’m going keep conforming for a little longer, I’ll work up my bank balance, I’ll save a little so I have some safety money, I’ll save enough for a ticket and then I’ll fly somewhere out of the ordinary, somewhere with a little less order and instead of having a stiff, strict old plan with places to stay, things to do, I will take nothing but the clothes I need, some essentials, a camera and a note pad. I will meet people, find things to do, find places to stay and find my own way around. I will live my life.

In researching all about this endeavour I found this site that anyone who shares the same values as me should check out Travel the world for free.

Now this is all just my opinion. I strongly believe this is how everything is. But just like I hate religion I would be a narcissistic hypocrite to try and push my ideals onto others. This post is on my blog because it is a part of me and because I want to express myself. Feel free to take my words and my ideals and use them as you wish or feel free to disagree completely and forget you even read this. Life if yours for the taking and you are yourself in the making.

I just know that, when I have seen amazing things, been amazing places, done incredible feats and met incredible people.
That’s when I will feel accomplished, that’s when I will know I’m alive.

-China seems like a good place to start.

On top of trying to stress how people are not living to their full potential and how I want to. I am also posting this blog as an invite. I am looking for someone who is willing to travel with me.

Live your life!
Follow your heart!

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6 Months Ago

6 months ago on a trip we like to call RT10 I sat in a car, in a gas station, in little town, called Cooma.
6 months ago I filmed myself saying “I should come back here in 6 months for the snow season.”
6 months (and a bit) later I find myself sitting in a lazy boy, on my laptop, looking through photos of the snow trip a couple weeks ago and reminiscing over good times.

I am very happy to say that between semesters of uni Heloise, Ebhilin and myself went on a winter road trip.
It was all amazing but what I am most happy about is the fact that I said I would come back and do it, and I did. It makes me happy to be someone that says things and does them as apposed to one of those aspiration filled people who live in the same place their whole lives and achieve nothing.

The decision to do this trip was pretty spontaneous. I mean, we had talked about it. We had expressed intrest in doing it. But we hadn’t booked anything, we hadn’t got time off work. I’m pretty sure we were just going to forget about it and spend the holidays in Brisbane living the same day to day lives we always live. But, just over a week before the holidays we said “Hey what’s happening these holidays? Are we actually going to do something?” and then I think the realisation that we could potentially become a normal boring person caught up with us, bullied and pressured us into making the decision “Lets do it! We’ll book accommodation now!”

And so we did. Planning with such late notice is never a good thing, I guess it’s a bit exhilarating, and you are definitely allowed to be excited the whole time. But shit, things like a car service, snow jackets, cooking equipment, places to stop and stay are all hard to find when you’ve left only a few days till you actually really need them.

We were off at the crack of dawn, and just like RT10 we began to survey the excruciatingly slow decrement of the kilometres left until Sydney. Places like the big banana HAD to be visited and a walk around Port Maquarie meant we were getting close to sydney. We arrived late in Sydney at Mick and Wendy’s place, they’re my Granduncle and Aunty. As always Wendy had made an incredible home cooked dinner for us and for the rest of our stay in sydney they were awesome be with.

-No caption needed, haha!

Sydney was amazing, we had so much fun, going to the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Center Point Tower, Bondi, New Town, the Opera house of course and amazing shops. We did so much in 3 days but leaving sydney was a bit sad, we had so much fun but we wanted to do so much more.

-Sydney Harbour


The next stop was in Bowral. I knew the girls would love Bowral but they loved it more than I thought. We walked around the gorgeous town and stayed the night with my Aunty Deb before heading off nice and early to get to Canberra. Canberra was freezing and we knew we were getting closer to the snow. We did a bit of site seeing and went to Questacon before getting back in the car with the next stop being Perisher.

-The best part about Evey taking photos of herself in Bowral is that she had no idea we were running in the background!

-Parliment house

Our room might not have been the best, they may have managed to separate us from some more of our money around every corner. We may not have had a microwave and we may have been freezing cold. But it was awesome. The stay in perisher was great, snow boarding all day for 3 days, coming home so tiered the we’d fall asleep in minutes, getting up cold and early every morning to get our free breakfast, having to scrape ice off the windows. We even got to go out to dinner with Brittany and Courtney which was great.

-Fog and frozen grass

We didn’t get lessons for snowboarding which made it pretty hard to pick up. The girls didn’t like it at all and it was getting kinda frustrating for all of us. Eventually Evey worked out how to stand up and balance and she was having a blast, Elly got it soon after and then we were all hoping on the lifts and boarding down the big slopes for hours. It snowed the second day which was awesome. After 3 days I felt like I got pretty decent at snowboarding so the whole trip home i found myself saying “I miss snowboarding.”

We had a stop over in Sydney on the way home and then spent the entire next day driving. Finally we were home and going through all the wonderful photos.


Snow trip 2011 here I come.

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Busy but not forgotten.

Since I posted the photo challenge post I have been pretty bloody busy.
It may seem like I have written it off, BUT I am posting this post just to make it know that this is not the case.
Since I posted that post I went to Melbourne with the boys, went on a road trip to Sydney with Elly and Evey, went to perisher on that trip and went snowbording (this will all be blogged about later) and I have started back at uni.

I intend to work very hard this semester so I don’t plan on making much time for leisure, so far i have completed everything due in week 2 despite the fact week 1 isn’t even over yet which I’m pretty proud of. Regardless, that’s no excuse and I will continue to complete my challenges.

So here is a little update on how the challenges are going.

1. Get together a bunch of friends, have a themed BBQ with a back ground, take headshots and display in a creative way.
2. Define yourself as best you can in 5 photographs.
3. Photo date with Astro.
4. Words in unusual places to make a positive message.
5. Green flash.
6. 10 stolen and returned items.
7. 10 people eating with out permission.
8. A day in the life of someone.
9. As many people in the same shirt as possible.
10. Catching a shooting star.
11. My own where’s wally.

I decided it was too hard to capture 10 animals having sex after realising that waiting at the pet shop was weird and fruitless. So from 11 challenges I have only done 2. Pretty poor effort but I have also attempted a few others. For example, after ages of searching I finally found an old couple holding hands BINGO, then I thought “How am I going to take this without them getting pissed?” Luckily they were walking towards me “sweet!” So I subtly shoot from the hip in their general direction “Oh shit wrong settings!” I fix the settings and go to shoot again “They’re too close to take one now, they’ll notice me!” So I began to follow them through the city. They looked rather cute from behind holding hands so I thought this could be easier “SNAP… Bad lighting. SNAP… Blurry” as I was about to take another photo they walked into a shop. So I sit outside on a seat and wait for them to re-emerge. It was at this point I realised I was a stalker… I had just followed an old couple down the street and now I was waiting outside a shop for them… this is too creepy, mission abort.

I have also had a good stab at stealing 10 of my friends things photographing them and then returning them, only problem is, I don’t see my friends enough!!! So I only have a few Images so far, I WILL get to 10.

Elly and I woke up before the crack of dawn to drive to Mt Coot-tha to watch the sunrise but not only did I not capture a green flash, I didn’t even see one.

My favourite idea of the lot is number 1 so I will organise that when the uni holidays are approaching.

Finally the two I have completed.
I went shooting with Astro for the day and this was my best shot…

I took the idea “Words in unusual places to make a positive message” and thought it would be awesome to just shoot a heap of street signs and then make a montage of a positive message so i spent a whole morning taking photos of signs and then got home, put them on the computer to realise that the hard part was too derive a positive message from these random signs.
This was my final result…

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This one’s for the boys. Pt.3

Saturday Night – I think that when this group gets together we wall kind of bounce off each other. One of us does or says something stupid and it just escalates. Tonight singing along to First Base evolved into stage diving and crowd surfing witch ultimately ended with Trent jumping off of the speaker and getting kicked out.
We couldn’t leave him outside so, we all went out with him and began the fruitless and painful search for somewhere else to go.

It started raining as we left and collectively the rain, the cold and Dakota’s newfound intent to maintain a Scottish accent got the best of our high spirits. After Trent almost slapped the bouncer it was certain we were not getting back in so we proceeded just up the road to witness an incident that will forever be known as “the time Trent shit on King Street.” Hours of walking in the rain and being denied from every club because we had no girls with us resulted in us giving up and deciding to head home. I thought something bad was going to happen when I was ordering my Maccas and turned around to see Dakota yelling at some girls, throwing rubbish at the other boys and all while being surrounded by 4 Police men. To Dakota’s merit, they thought he was hilarious, quite contrary to our beliefs.

Late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning – Through more rain and freezing cold weather the boys, some of the Apart From This boys that were walking around with us and myself all rocked up back out the front of Bang to the devostating realisation that we had just don’t a huge circle. The last straw was when we saw Dakota walk inside Bang (the bouncers didn’t know he was with us), since he had been yelling “I joost woont soom more drinks ya fookin coonts!” allllllll night we just jumped in a cab and left him there.

Since Daniel and I had a cab ride with this Cabbie named “Anshu” one time we have kinda built up the mentality that every cab drivers name is Anshu. Heading back to our hotel Anshu kept insisting that his name was NOT “Anshu” that it was “Rick” and he was the best. Anshu dropped us off out the front of our hotel and we walked next door to the 7 Eleven with the usual intoxicated munchies. Another Anshu worked inside and a conversation like this followed…
Mitch: “How much is this?”
Anshu: “$4.80”
Mitch: “How about $3?”
Anshu: “How about $4.80?”
Mitch: “$4.50?”
Anshu: “Nope!”

This conversation wont be funny to anyone else, it was a “you had to be there” moment. I think it ws just the was he said nope so happily. Regardless it was hilarious, Anshu was not keen on the barter.

We walked back around to the front of our hotel and as we were about to enter we saw someone we did not expect to see at all. Dakota came running around the corner telling us we were “fooking coonts” for leaving him there and he had only gone in to use the bathroom. HAHA!

In our hotel I asked a very good question. WHERE IS ANDREW? The answer was that we had lost him at the start of the night, he had been last seen at bang with his PG’s on “() ().” We soon after that get a call from Andrew telling us he is somewhere random in the city and coming to the hotel room so we have to stay awake and let him in. No one is keen on this so Mitch decides that because Dakota has pissed us off all night he has to stay awake and wait. Dakota refuses but we hear his phone go off.
Mitch: “Is that Andrew?”
Mitch: “Is Andrew outside?”
Dakota: “Yeah he’s outside…..”
Dakota: “…”
Dakota: “But he’s not at the door.”

Despite being so angry at Dakota we didn’t even want to speak to him we all burst out laughing at what he just said. I convinced Daniel and Trent to let me share the double bed with them and fell asleep.

Sunday – The next morning Andrew is in the room, Trent is on the floor and the guys tell me of how they woke up through the night from Daniel screaming at me to fuck off and stop spooning him. Apparently I did the same thing to Trent and that’s why he was on the floor.

The day was relatively boring, we were tiered, grumpy, poor, hung over and on top of that we had to carry around the merch box. The best thing that came out of the day was when we had breakfast at this dodgy little cafe where the waiter came out and said “This is your orange juice” and I told him “that IS orange juice” I didn’t intend it to be as funny as it turned out to be and from then on we emphasised “IS” every time we said it.

I got to see my friend Jessa and Andrew with his PM “()” told us that he was meeting up with some girl. I happened to know this girl from years back. We all went to “Lords of dog town” (lord of the fries) again, where someone performed a Lord of dog act! (another inside joke.)

A taxi to the airport and then a plane back to Brisbane ended the trip. Although it was only 3 days so much happened, it was such an amazing time, one day, in the future though the tripped will be topped by the only thing that could ever top it. Milestones tour! Haha!

– Some shots that I’m in!

Thank you to Daniel, Mitch, Dakota, Trent and Andrew for making the weekend so great. I was already close with most of you but now after what we all have been through and the good times we have had you’re all family to me.

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