All the little things.

Wednesday night was AWESOME. For starters it was the first time I would be actually doing something decent in weeks. My friends band Milestones were having their second show and it fit perfectly around my work roster so I was stoked that I was able to go.

So Wednesday I finished work and caught a bus down to Browns Plains, where I got picked up by Daniel and Sarah, then went to Nando’s with them and the band. Already stoked on life to be with my favorite people Sarah bought drinks and was sharing them with me. The drinks were great until I remembered I have the bladder of an 8 year old and I had to ask Daniel to pull over because I needed to pee.

We got to the venue, the band did their set up thing and Sarah bought a lot more drinks for her and I. By the time Milestones played Sarah and I were pretty inebriated Sarah could barely stand, it was hilarious. They played awesome though it was great fun.

– Milestones

After they played we took Sarah to Daniels car and her and Daniel went home. I stayed for the last band and asked Elly if I’d be able to stay at her place. She said yeah, which was awesome so then when Elly was ready to leave me and her friend Felicity walked back to her car. We dropped Flick home and then my favorite part of the night began.

It was probably only like 10 maybe 10:30 at night, really not very late, so Elly and I decided that we didn’t really want to go home, we wanted to do something cool. We were coming up with ideas and Elly suggested Kangaroo Point. BEST idea, we sat there for ages, I love having a really good chat and that’s what we did, we talked for such a long time and about everything you can imagine.

You know when you have those conversations that just inspire you? This was one of those. We talked about life, travel, people, death and so much more. It inspired me to want to be a more spontaneous, live in the moment kind of person. I want to be the guy whose friends invite him last minute to go to Vegas for the weekend and then drops everything just to go do it. I want to be the guy that one day decides he needs a change and moves to Florida for a year. This is why I am more certain than ever that I am no doubt moving to Perisher this year. Fuck working non stop, fuck studying non stop, fucking living in this same old town. I’ve gotta get out and see the world.

– Perisher ski resort.

On the way to the look out I told Elly that I had always wanted to walk over the bus bridge at night.  So after chatting for ages at Kangaroo point she said lets go to South bank, so we did. We parked the car and on the walk to the bridge we stopped by the pools and just sat and dangled our legs in the water then walked barefoot to the bridge. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be, haha. So we went home.

Elly insisted that I should sleep because I had work the next morning yet we continued to chat until some ridiculous time (Elly reckons 4am). regardless I love nights like these, I wouldn’t have anything else instead.


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I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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2 Responses to All the little things.

  1. elly says:

    This made my day ^-^

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