Keeping busy

The last 4 days have been hectic, 12 hour days at work Wednesday and Thursday started it all. Then Friday I finished work at 3 and finally I had some spare time. I had been busting to go see Brittany, she has just come back to Brisbane after breaking her back in Airley and being in hospital for a while. She is very lucky every body is so happy that she is okay and it was awesome just to catch up with her. So I planned a quiet night but Solar, Simsy, Tim and Jacob picked me up from Brittany’s. They dropped me home but decided to stay for drinks which wrecked my plan to have a quiet one. Regardless playing ukulele drunk with Simsy was amazing.

Wake up and hate. Feeling a bit wrecked Daniel came over, we went to get Bri and walked in pouring down rain to the bus to get to Sound Wave. Sound Wave was incredible, best people, best bands, just awesome day. I had the highest moral until I lost my wallet and panicked instead of enjoying Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember. So I was pretty stuffed with out a wallet, I had no money, no ID blah blah blah. Lucky for me Ben is amazing and lent me some money.

Regardless of not having ID I decided I’d go out after Sound Wave with Elly and Sade and the best thing ever was when they let me in without having my ID. That just made up for everything and I had an amazing night that ended with us getting home when the sun was up.

Then today (Sunday) woke up and went out to an amazing breakfast with Elly, Sade and Rach. Got a phone call with the best news, someone found my wallet. Left the girls and bussed to New Farm Park for Jordan’s nerd themed birthday party. I forget how amazing all those friends are because I dont see then enough but it was the best day seeing all those kids and new farm park is beautiful. We climbed trees, pushed cake in Jordan’s face and had a vast amount of ridiculous conversations. Great friends, great times.

– Climbing Trees

– Aftermath of the cake in the face

From there I went straight to work. FINALLY I’m home and I Can have a good sleep. Hopefully tomorrow Mum is keen to go have a nice day in the city and get my wallet.


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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