The benifits of procrastination

I’ve decided that even though I didn’t get much study done today the awesome time I had made up for it entirely. Daniel and Dakota picked me up around lunch time, we drove to Mount Tambourine and met Sarah, Amy, Bec and Chelsea at the rock pools. I’ve never been there before and was astounded by how magnificant and beautiful it is there. There was a lot of people however and parking out on the road got us a fine.

You can never have a bad day when you spend it with such great people. We swam out to water falls, climbed all over the place, found a wicked rope swing, chilled, laughed at Amy, laughed in general, went to Jimboomba, had chips in the park and just had a remarkably excellent day. I can’t tell you exactly why these things equate to such a memorable day but they did and I can only hope to meet more like this over the rest of my life.

-The only respectable group photo taken


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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