Lost ground

I have been exceptionally inspired today…

Like most people, I listen to a lot of music, many different genres and many different artists. I particularly love it though when the music I listen to has the remarkable ability to effortlessly play with my emotions, change my mood, persuade me to feel a particular way or just move me overall. I guess I could say that this happens to me fairly regularly. I’m pretty anal about music and compulsively have the desperate desire to know all the lyrics to all the music that I listen to. So That’s most likely half the reason that I regularly get so touched by music. When I’m listening intently and being the scrupulous over analyser that I am, I find myself in the position of the vocalist or the band, I feel the passion for what ever they’re singing about and that can just evoke such overwhelming feelings in me wether it be happiness or dispare, vexed opinions of world issues, realisation of injustice or even realisations of self fortune, desire to help, desire to live, to love, to fight for something or possibly even pain. Whichever it is, these are all heavy emotions and all of which I have been subject to at some point in time attributed to the talent and ability of the artists that created what ever piece of music I was listening to.

But this blog isn’t just a boring spiel about the general effect that music has on people which everybody already knows about anyway. This blog is more specifically aimed at an album I listened to today and that I have been listening to every day for a while now. An album that that from start to finish inspires and moves me every time I hear it. It wasn’t enough for me to just listen to this album and then go about the rest of my day keeping to myself the incredible piece of art that it is. I just had to express to others just how great it is and acquire the hope that they might listen to it to and be subject to the awesome message in the amazing album that Defeater has to offer.

SO, The album is an EP called ‘Lost Ground’ by the hardcore band ‘Defeater’, from Massachusetts. Basically the album is a concept album that tells a story of a man and how the war has affected his life. The album begins with the last night in town for this man, he talk about his willingness to die for his country just like his father did and how he will stand on the front line fearlessly and make his mother proud. As the album continues the man talks more about the war as he is experiencing it first hand. He now looks at it in a different light, his friends start dying around him and the constant pain from the cold, the lack of food and the fear from distant petrifying noises makes him wish he wasn’t alive. The horrors of war destroys the strength and the pride that he had formerly. A fatal conflict takes place whilst he is serving and the next thing he remembers he wakes up in hospital being the only survivor of his entire platoon. He has to suffer putting all of his good mates into graves and bare the pain as all their families are destroyed with the deaths of good young men whilst he survives. He feels like he has nothing left, he feels guilty and alone. Just like how his mother used to always pray he begins to ask god why them and not him? The album expresses incredibly the pain this man feels. He doesn’t know what to do with himself, there is nothing left for him in his town, he is lonely he bares to much pain to handle and no one is there for him. He receives no answers to his prays and he calls god a thief. He jumps a train to leave his town and try to find some hope. But he carries his all guilt and burdens with him to New York where he finds no comfort. He lives homeless and everyday begs in the streets with other homeless people. He plays his guitar, makes music and thinks about his pain and the past but no one knows and no one understands what he has been through. He feels like he should just be dead in the ground like his friends in a grave next to his mother. So he pleads and pleads more and more for god to hear and help him but he comes to the verdict that god is nothing but a coward who took his friends and now leaves him to suffer. As he screams his heart out and sings his songs about his hurt to strangers walking past for the spare change heneeds to survive  he can see the eyes of people in the crowd. He sees the pain and hurt in the eyes of people who are just as broken a himself and so he finally finds hope. He finds hope in the chance that his words will sink in and he can help mend a person.

My interpretation of the story and explanation of how powerful it is, is nothing compared to actually listening to the album first hand and hearing it for yourself. This has to be one of the most amazing albums I have ever listened to, in fact you don’t just listen to this album you more so experience it. I hope from reading this you have the inquisitiveness to go and experience it for yourself.

– Defeater – Lost Ground


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