This is rushed, this is unimportant.

*Start Stopwatch*

Okay so I am really busy with uni and have a lot to do by this Monday so I cannot wait my time doing leisure activities like blogging.
So I am typing this as quick as possible while still trying to maintain a decent amount of gamma and keep it coherent.

The main reason for posting this is because I have a lot of things I want to say and a lot of reason I am too busy to say them all.

Basically I am very stressed at the moment, I have so much uni work to do and so much I want to be doing.
It’s been like 3-4 days since I have seen Elly and we never go that long. I got promoted at work which means I will be getting more hours and have more responsibility. I am worried about paying the deposit for the volunteer project in Ecuador that I got accepted into. I could probably JUST have enough money to afford it
if I DON’T get my car on the road again and if I save my ass off for the next 5 months.

My room is a mess because I am too busy to clean it. Hell I am currently wearing my pants on inside out because I am too busy/lazy to turn them the right way before putting them on. I haven’t shaved for ages and I probably don’t smell the best.

In the next couple weeks the amount of uni work that I will have will die down and I will have time to out effort into this blog again. Hopefully I will be able to post about wonderful things like going skate-boarding with Elly.

One thing’s for sure. In one months time I will be posting a blog with a LOT of photos and possibly a video documenting my trip to Melbourne. A few of my best mates are in a band called MILESTONES, they are great, look them up. They have some shows in Melbourne so we are flying down there for the weekend. Should be a very rushed, very fun trip.

OH AND I just remembered, it is Aaron’s birthday this weekend so next weekend I am ditching any commitments and staying on the coast with him Daniel and Ben. I am very excited about that as well. I will dedicate a post to Aaron and his birthday weekend monday week.

Good night to everyone.
I am off to program a blogging website similar to THIS for my assignment.

*Stop Stopwatch*
Time: 14 Minutes & 3 Seconds


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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One Response to This is rushed, this is unimportant.

  1. April says:

    Too slow….start again!

    LOL jk

    ….omg facebook has got me into saying that >.< I'm going to die. And dude, I totally know what you mean…congrats on the promotion…boo to the uni overload which is TOTALLY your fault for putting it all off for so long and have fun on your Melbourne Rush trip 🙂

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