Pretty mosh

Last night was great, it was the only chance I will ever get to see Casey Jones, SO glad that I didn’t miss it. They’re one of the most played Bands on my iPod and I have had their albums for YONKS. It was just very satisfying to finally see them live and it was an AWESOME show.

This morning Elly and I had an awesome sleep in then she left for work and I left for uni. I am really happy that I decided to no be lazy and walk from the cultural center as opposed to waiting for another bus because not only was it a nice walk, but I ran into an old friends and stopped in at T-licious to get a present for Elly and Evey.

I should walk places more often, I really enjoy getting to properly experience a beautiful place. I’m not saying Brisbane is that beautiful but I find the aesthetic pleasure in it and Southbank is definitely lovely.

Currently I am organising to have dinner with Ben and Taleigha which is also getting me excited. Today is a good day.


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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One Response to Pretty mosh

  1. Teresa says:

    So glad you got to go to the concert last night…. and enjoyed it!!!

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