Challenge me!!!

So I have an interesting idea. I am going to make this post very interactive. I want people to reply to this and please actually put some effort into the reply.

I don’t claim myself to be a photographer or a writer but I love to write and I love to photograph things. So I actually spend a lot of time thinking about, and put a lot of effort into writing and taking photos. I’d love to get better at both these things and my idea that I encapsulate in this post should be an interesting and productive way for me to get some practice and get better at these two things I love.

To increase the willingness for YOU to put effort into replying to this post and making this challenge successful and fun for me, I am going to include an incentive, a prize that you can win. But more on that later.

So here is the challenge I am setting for myself and for you.

I want you to reply to this with a comment giving me ideas of things to document, things to photograph, things to write about, things to find and capture. BUT make it hard, make it something I won’t be able to do easily. Make it something that you don’t think I could do, ITS A CHALLENGE. However please don’t go overboard, try to make sure it’s achievable, haha. Don’t tell me to got to New York and get a photo rooting the statue of liberty because frankly I don’t have the money to do that. I will allow ideas up to 2 weeks from me posting this. Please allow me at least a few weeks after the idea has been posted for me to actually go out and attempt/achieve it.

The incentive/prize.

What I am going to do is attempt all of the good ideas that people come up with. I will post the results from all these ideas and either a sufficient amount of people’s comments will decide the winner for best result OR I will decide myself. Who ever initially came up with that idea, where ever they are from, who every they are, will get a large version of the photo/s printed maybe add a quote beneath it and I will frame it and send it to you.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a flop. Haha. Just remember you will be helping me out by merely posting a comment with an idea and from doing that you get the possibility of getting a framed photo sent to you for free. Hopefully that’s worth something to you.

Think on your toes, post something RIGHT NOW!


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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13 Responses to Challenge me!!!

  1. 1. Get together as many of your friends as possible for a picnic/BBQ. Think of a theme and get them to wear costumes. Get them excited and get them to go NUTS with the dress ups. Set up a background and take a headshot of every single one of them and then put them all together creatively- think of different kinds of media, not just a straight up photograph.
    2. Define yourself as best you can in 5 photographs. These cannot be of things you own or people close to you. You must capture these photographs amongst a mix of total strangers and the environment around you.

    Have fun xo

  2. Em Hawkins says:

    Elderly couples holding haaands.
    Not even joking.

  3. Seriously awesome input
    I’m stoked to get to it.

  4. Take photographs of words in unusual places- words that make up a positive message!
    Billboards, busses, shaddows, peoples clothing!

  5. ace says:

    Im not sure if you can in aus but i’ve always wanted to see what they call a green flash but havn’t been able to catch it, when some part of the Sun suddenly changes color at sunrise or sunset. Maybe you could try get a snap of that. šŸ™‚ GL

  6. you’re not cheating

  7. Sieeede says:

    1. Stell something from 10 of your friends without them knowing, something that they wear often or use all the time and take a photo of each item in various places around Brisbane, On random people or in places where the object doesnt belong return each item without the owner knowing then post all photos at once.

    2. Photography 10 different kinds of animals having sex.

    3. Go to restaurants and take 10 photos of people eating without their permission.

  8. April says:

    I like Sarah’s first idea of the picnic!! šŸ˜›

  9. Teresa says:

    Such great ideas already! Think you will have to do them all. So good to see you today xx

  10. emma-lee says:

    i have a few ideas, first you could find one shirt, something cool or something silly, and photograph a substantial number of people all wearing the same shirt. Secondly, finding interesting friends and documenting both visually and in writing a day in tneir life. Third, stop motion of real life. It’s easy enough. Hope this helps

  11. Cuong says:

    Hey man, not sure if this is too hard…but how about a photo making it look like you’re catching a shooting star? šŸ˜€ …anyways ..good luck with it all!

  12. Jess said

    1: do you remember that song “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong” from playschool i think it was? [yes Jess] Do you also remember the “Where’s Wally” books? [Yes Jess]

    My challenge to you dearest is to incorperate these two ideas into one photograph. I want you to take something out of the ordinary, (eg: someone wearing a formal gown at a car show.) and I want you to hide it in a growd. I want you to take this photo and then challenge ME [the audience] to find what doesn’t belong, challenge me to find wally.

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