This one’s for the boys. Pt.1

Your mate Anshu the keen rapist, was not keen on the barter.
Why you ask?
I’ll tell you why?

Thursday night – Miles Away, Break Even and Hopeless playing at Snitch.
Definitely a good excuse to get together with the boys and have a great night before we leave for Melbourne the following day.

Early Friday morning – The show finishes soon after midnight so we leave around 1AM. All the boys and myself pile into dicklica (the van) and head back to Dakota’s place to crash.
We are half way home, talking about how exciting Melbourne is going to be, how good the night was and generally being in great spirits. As we are passing through a cross intersection through a green light all I see is Daniel and Dakota yell “WHAT THE FUCK!” and Dakota swerve the van violently to the left. Then like on a hectic roller coaster I start to be thrown around in my seat and then nothing…
I don’t know how much later it was but I wake up and look around to see that I am in an empty van. All the boys were outside the van, the walls and the roof were dented inwards and all the windows were smashed. the guys asked me if I was okay and I replied with yeah before they had to pull me through a window as none of the doors would open and I was too out of it to get out myself.

Upon getting out of the van the boys tell me the whole story.
A drunk drived had ran a red light coming into the cross intersection, Dakota had seen him coming at the last minute and swerved to avoid him, we almost got out of his way but he clipped the back corner of the van right where I was sitting. This spun the van around and unfortunately as to the laws of physics, when the van was sideways supplementary to still being propelled forward the van then began to roll. We we rolled the whole way over, on to one side, then onto the roof, then the other side, slid for a while and then finally hit the curb, flipped some more and landed back on the wheels taking out some street signs in the whole process.

Having neck pains, the paramedics who were on the scene very quickly had to take me to hospital along with Andrew. Luckily I was discharged at 5am and was allowed to go home and get some sleep because as Dakota had said after angrily pounding the van “FUCK IT, we’re still going to Melbourne.”

Friday morning– Wake up with out much sleep, eat breakfast, smash some panadol and head round to Dakota’s place. All the boys meet there and we say how we thought that one day we would look back on the crash and laugh, we didn’t think that time would come like 7 hours after!
I think the fact that all of us were okay made the situation a whole lot less serious.
We are all so lucky to be alive, all of us. When do you ever hear a story of 6 people flipping a van at 70kms an hour and all walking away?

Friday midday – Déjà vu, We are back in a van, Daniel’s mum’s this time. We drive to the Gold Coast and pick up the prints of the guys bands shirts and get dropped at the airport only to find that the flight has been delayed 2 hours and we were already there about 2 hours early HA!!! Never fly Tiger airlines.


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I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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