This one’s for the boys. Pt.2

Friday Night – SO friday night after a delayed flight we get in to Melbourne around 10pm, after walking off the plane we realise that we underestimated just how cold it was going to be there. So we layered up before jumping into yet another van, a maxi taxi, to get to our hotel in the city.

We were shocked and immensely impressed by our hotel room especially considering the extremely low price of the place. Not only was it nice but it was in an awesome location that allowed us to drop off our stuff walk back out of the hotel and almost straight into china town looking for somewhere to eat.

Most places were closed at 10pm but we were determined to find BBNT, Burger, Burrito, Nacho, Taco. Eventually found the place only to find it was closed. In the end we found Lord of the Fries which satisfied our hunger and made us realise how long we had been walking around. So home time it was.

Saturday – wake up still sore from the accident but stoked on life. Half of us head out to get Mitch some bandages for his knee while half of us shower and then head out to look around. We all me up and did a lot of walking, a lot of being tourists and a lot of shopping didn’t we Trent? Discovering that Melbourne is just as awesome during the day as it was night we then went back through china town to find an awesome yum cha restaurant which we did. This place was full of dressed up Asian waiters, it was really fancy and really sweet, the highlight was eating chicken feet.

– Walking through China town looking for Yum Cha.

– All the boys.

By late afternoon we headed to the apartment with Red Bull and Jager to help us get ready for the show Milestones were playing at bang (a club at the Royal Melbourne Hotel).

Saturday night – after four Jarger bombs each and prettying ourselves up, we were pretty loose and ready for a good night. Screw the taxi, we had seen Anshu enough this weekend already, we walked to Bang (the wrong way for a good 10 minutes) and played with our big merch box along the way. HA! At Bang we loaded in all the band stuff which was…. ummmm… just the merch box. Then we were introduced to First Base and Apart From This, two awesome bands made up of awesome dudes. The guys we just met took us to the coolest little bar called BARHUMBUG it was tiny and you had to walk down some stairs so you were hakf a story below street level, it was so great, the best atmosphere, the insanely cool bar plus the sweet people we were with made for great times. HIGHLIGHT – Daniel telling the staff at the bar that he wanted a staff discount. Then when he ordered chips the cook was great enough to find Daniel funny and make us an extra bowl on the house.

Back to Bang as doors open. Apart From This play first, so much more awesome were they when they pulled out a Title Fight cover. $5 VB’s were going down well and Milestones were up next. Despite being relatively inebriated the band played to a coherent standard and from the point they finished their set there was only more good times that night to come…


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I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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