This one’s for the boys. Pt.3

Saturday Night – I think that when this group gets together we wall kind of bounce off each other. One of us does or says something stupid and it just escalates. Tonight singing along to First Base evolved into stage diving and crowd surfing witch ultimately ended with Trent jumping off of the speaker and getting kicked out.
We couldn’t leave him outside so, we all went out with him and began the fruitless and painful search for somewhere else to go.

It started raining as we left and collectively the rain, the cold and Dakota’s newfound intent to maintain a Scottish accent got the best of our high spirits. After Trent almost slapped the bouncer it was certain we were not getting back in so we proceeded just up the road to witness an incident that will forever be known as “the time Trent shit on King Street.” Hours of walking in the rain and being denied from every club because we had no girls with us resulted in us giving up and deciding to head home. I thought something bad was going to happen when I was ordering my Maccas and turned around to see Dakota yelling at some girls, throwing rubbish at the other boys and all while being surrounded by 4 Police men. To Dakota’s merit, they thought he was hilarious, quite contrary to our beliefs.

Late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning – Through more rain and freezing cold weather the boys, some of the Apart From This boys that were walking around with us and myself all rocked up back out the front of Bang to the devostating realisation that we had just don’t a huge circle. The last straw was when we saw Dakota walk inside Bang (the bouncers didn’t know he was with us), since he had been yelling “I joost woont soom more drinks ya fookin coonts!” allllllll night we just jumped in a cab and left him there.

Since Daniel and I had a cab ride with this Cabbie named “Anshu” one time we have kinda built up the mentality that every cab drivers name is Anshu. Heading back to our hotel Anshu kept insisting that his name was NOT “Anshu” that it was “Rick” and he was the best. Anshu dropped us off out the front of our hotel and we walked next door to the 7 Eleven with the usual intoxicated munchies. Another Anshu worked inside and a conversation like this followed…
Mitch: “How much is this?”
Anshu: “$4.80”
Mitch: “How about $3?”
Anshu: “How about $4.80?”
Mitch: “$4.50?”
Anshu: “Nope!”

This conversation wont be funny to anyone else, it was a “you had to be there” moment. I think it ws just the was he said nope so happily. Regardless it was hilarious, Anshu was not keen on the barter.

We walked back around to the front of our hotel and as we were about to enter we saw someone we did not expect to see at all. Dakota came running around the corner telling us we were “fooking coonts” for leaving him there and he had only gone in to use the bathroom. HAHA!

In our hotel I asked a very good question. WHERE IS ANDREW? The answer was that we had lost him at the start of the night, he had been last seen at bang with his PG’s on “() ().” We soon after that get a call from Andrew telling us he is somewhere random in the city and coming to the hotel room so we have to stay awake and let him in. No one is keen on this so Mitch decides that because Dakota has pissed us off all night he has to stay awake and wait. Dakota refuses but we hear his phone go off.
Mitch: “Is that Andrew?”
Mitch: “Is Andrew outside?”
Dakota: “Yeah he’s outside…..”
Dakota: “…”
Dakota: “But he’s not at the door.”

Despite being so angry at Dakota we didn’t even want to speak to him we all burst out laughing at what he just said. I convinced Daniel and Trent to let me share the double bed with them and fell asleep.

Sunday – The next morning Andrew is in the room, Trent is on the floor and the guys tell me of how they woke up through the night from Daniel screaming at me to fuck off and stop spooning him. Apparently I did the same thing to Trent and that’s why he was on the floor.

The day was relatively boring, we were tiered, grumpy, poor, hung over and on top of that we had to carry around the merch box. The best thing that came out of the day was when we had breakfast at this dodgy little cafe where the waiter came out and said “This is your orange juice” and I told him “that IS orange juice” I didn’t intend it to be as funny as it turned out to be and from then on we emphasised “IS” every time we said it.

I got to see my friend Jessa and Andrew with his PM “()” told us that he was meeting up with some girl. I happened to know this girl from years back. We all went to “Lords of dog town” (lord of the fries) again, where someone performed a Lord of dog act! (another inside joke.)

A taxi to the airport and then a plane back to Brisbane ended the trip. Although it was only 3 days so much happened, it was such an amazing time, one day, in the future though the tripped will be topped by the only thing that could ever top it. Milestones tour! Haha!

– Some shots that I’m in!

Thank you to Daniel, Mitch, Dakota, Trent and Andrew for making the weekend so great. I was already close with most of you but now after what we all have been through and the good times we have had you’re all family to me.


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I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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