Busy but not forgotten.

Since I posted the photo challenge post I have been pretty bloody busy.
It may seem like I have written it off, BUT I am posting this post just to make it know that this is not the case.
Since I posted that post I went to Melbourne with the boys, went on a road trip to Sydney with Elly and Evey, went to perisher on that trip and went snowbording (this will all be blogged about later) and I have started back at uni.

I intend to work very hard this semester so I don’t plan on making much time for leisure, so far i have completed everything due in week 2 despite the fact week 1 isn’t even over yet which I’m pretty proud of. Regardless, that’s no excuse and I will continue to complete my challenges.

So here is a little update on how the challenges are going.

1. Get together a bunch of friends, have a themed BBQ with a back ground, take headshots and display in a creative way.
2. Define yourself as best you can in 5 photographs.
3. Photo date with Astro.
4. Words in unusual places to make a positive message.
5. Green flash.
6. 10 stolen and returned items.
7. 10 people eating with out permission.
8. A day in the life of someone.
9. As many people in the same shirt as possible.
10. Catching a shooting star.
11. My own where’s wally.

I decided it was too hard to capture 10 animals having sex after realising that waiting at the pet shop was weird and fruitless. So from 11 challenges I have only done 2. Pretty poor effort but I have also attempted a few others. For example, after ages of searching I finally found an old couple holding hands BINGO, then I thought “How am I going to take this without them getting pissed?” Luckily they were walking towards me “sweet!” So I subtly shoot from the hip in their general direction “Oh shit wrong settings!” I fix the settings and go to shoot again “They’re too close to take one now, they’ll notice me!” So I began to follow them through the city. They looked rather cute from behind holding hands so I thought this could be easier “SNAP… Bad lighting. SNAP… Blurry” as I was about to take another photo they walked into a shop. So I sit outside on a seat and wait for them to re-emerge. It was at this point I realised I was a stalker… I had just followed an old couple down the street and now I was waiting outside a shop for them… this is too creepy, mission abort.

I have also had a good stab at stealing 10 of my friends things photographing them and then returning them, only problem is, I don’t see my friends enough!!! So I only have a few Images so far, I WILL get to 10.

Elly and I woke up before the crack of dawn to drive to Mt Coot-tha to watch the sunrise but not only did I not capture a green flash, I didn’t even see one.

My favourite idea of the lot is number 1 so I will organise that when the uni holidays are approaching.

Finally the two I have completed.
I went shooting with Astro for the day and this was my best shot…

I took the idea “Words in unusual places to make a positive message” and thought it would be awesome to just shoot a heap of street signs and then make a montage of a positive message so i spent a whole morning taking photos of signs and then got home, put them on the computer to realise that the hard part was too derive a positive message from these random signs.
This was my final result…


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I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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2 Responses to Busy but not forgotten.

  1. Granny Lee says:

    G’day Darlin’
    I so wanted to send you a challenge but have been “bush” so only just back in service.
    My comments on your post are , who is Astro? what is a Green Flash & why didn’t you just ask the beautiful elderly couple if you could have photographed them, believe me they would have said yes. I love reading your posts & blogs, although I say a prayer after some of the things I read, that you have survived. You would have loved the billion stars I have witnessed bush camping over the last few weeks. Mars is coming close to Earth in August & will be bright & huge, I have sent Mum an email, keep watching. Love you so much, Granny Lee

  2. Hey Granny Lee,
    It’s great to hear from you.
    Still send me a challenge if you want.

    Astro is a mate of mine, Yes his name is ACTUALLY Astro.
    A green flash is where the sky turn a strange colour for a very shirt time at sunset or sunrise.

    Yeah that’s a good idea I should ask an old couple.

    Yeah me and they boys went through a pretty hairy night but we’re all okay.

    Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you like my blog.

    I wish I could have seen the stars out there, the stars in the city are horrible. Haha.

    Mum forwarded me the email about mars, its so exciting.

    Love and miss you!

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