6 Months Ago

6 months ago on a trip we like to call RT10 I sat in a car, in a gas station, in little town, called Cooma.
6 months ago I filmed myself saying “I should come back here in 6 months for the snow season.”
6 months (and a bit) later I find myself sitting in a lazy boy, on my laptop, looking through photos of the snow trip a couple weeks ago and reminiscing over good times.

I am very happy to say that between semesters of uni Heloise, Ebhilin and myself went on a winter road trip.
It was all amazing but what I am most happy about is the fact that I said I would come back and do it, and I did. It makes me happy to be someone that says things and does them as apposed to one of those aspiration filled people who live in the same place their whole lives and achieve nothing.

The decision to do this trip was pretty spontaneous. I mean, we had talked about it. We had expressed intrest in doing it. But we hadn’t booked anything, we hadn’t got time off work. I’m pretty sure we were just going to forget about it and spend the holidays in Brisbane living the same day to day lives we always live. But, just over a week before the holidays we said “Hey what’s happening these holidays? Are we actually going to do something?” and then I think the realisation that we could potentially become a normal boring person caught up with us, bullied and pressured us into making the decision “Lets do it! We’ll book accommodation now!”

And so we did. Planning with such late notice is never a good thing, I guess it’s a bit exhilarating, and you are definitely allowed to be excited the whole time. But shit, things like a car service, snow jackets, cooking equipment, places to stop and stay are all hard to find when you’ve left only a few days till you actually really need them.

We were off at the crack of dawn, and just like RT10 we began to survey the excruciatingly slow decrement of the kilometres left until Sydney. Places like the big banana HAD to be visited and a walk around Port Maquarie meant we were getting close to sydney. We arrived late in Sydney at Mick and Wendy’s place, they’re my Granduncle and Aunty. As always Wendy had made an incredible home cooked dinner for us and for the rest of our stay in sydney they were awesome be with.

-No caption needed, haha!

Sydney was amazing, we had so much fun, going to the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Center Point Tower, Bondi, New Town, the Opera house of course and amazing shops. We did so much in 3 days but leaving sydney was a bit sad, we had so much fun but we wanted to do so much more.

-Sydney Harbour


The next stop was in Bowral. I knew the girls would love Bowral but they loved it more than I thought. We walked around the gorgeous town and stayed the night with my Aunty Deb before heading off nice and early to get to Canberra. Canberra was freezing and we knew we were getting closer to the snow. We did a bit of site seeing and went to Questacon before getting back in the car with the next stop being Perisher.

-The best part about Evey taking photos of herself in Bowral is that she had no idea we were running in the background!

-Parliment house

Our room might not have been the best, they may have managed to separate us from some more of our money around every corner. We may not have had a microwave and we may have been freezing cold. But it was awesome. The stay in perisher was great, snow boarding all day for 3 days, coming home so tiered the we’d fall asleep in minutes, getting up cold and early every morning to get our free breakfast, having to scrape ice off the windows. We even got to go out to dinner with Brittany and Courtney which was great.

-Fog and frozen grass

We didn’t get lessons for snowboarding which made it pretty hard to pick up. The girls didn’t like it at all and it was getting kinda frustrating for all of us. Eventually Evey worked out how to stand up and balance and she was having a blast, Elly got it soon after and then we were all hoping on the lifts and boarding down the big slopes for hours. It snowed the second day which was awesome. After 3 days I felt like I got pretty decent at snowboarding so the whole trip home i found myself saying “I miss snowboarding.”

We had a stop over in Sydney on the way home and then spent the entire next day driving. Finally we were home and going through all the wonderful photos.


Snow trip 2011 here I come.


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One Response to 6 Months Ago

  1. Mum says:

    AWESOME post James… and LOVED the photos….. Makes me want to go to the snow now (and visit Mick and Wendy and Deb……) xx

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