Bike ride

It has been over a month since my last post and past events call for a new post.
I think as the year has progresses I have developed a high threshold for the standard of the posts that go on this blog. I have written other posts, I just never post them. But when enough great things happen in a short period it reminds me of how great life can be and how I should write about it to remember and to inspire.

Now despite the rain trying to massacre the short lived one week break I got from uni a miracle has conspired to take down the negative connotations rain usually implies onto all of your great plans. Elly and myself decided that on the holidays we would each plan out a big day for each other because we feel we done get enough quality alone time.

To go off on a tangent for a bit, it kind of annoyed me that I had to use the words “big day” to describe what we did for each other. There is not a word for it in todays society and I find it sad. It doesn’t fall into the category of a “date” or a “holiday” it is just a big day full if heaps of different fun activities that were kept secret from the other person until actually partaking in the activities. There should be more stuff like this it makes the world a whole lot more of a pleasant place to be.

Elly’s date involved taking me into the city and having sushi and juice on the river front. Then “Tomorrow When the War Began” at the IMAX. This is when the rain began but this wasn’t going to spoil our day. We got on the city cat to New Farm and then she pulled out my favorite short bread biscuits baked into the shape of “I ❤ J." After a puddle fight we were cold, saturated and dirty but we went back on the city cat all the way at south bank where we took a ride on the Brisbane eye. After everything we went home to a hot shower and I came out to find Elly in our room with candles, incense, wine and the best indian curry.

My day consisted of buying Elly a new dress getting some photos taken in our favorite ally way. Breakfast at coffee club, new underwear for me so she would stop complaining how old and gross mine are. We then went home but stopped to get ingredients on the way. At home we made and excessive amount of sushi and I complained about how the pouring rain outside would ruin the next part of the date. But again we didn't care so I took her down stairs to show her, her old bike that I had fixed up and cleaned up for her. We went on a nice ride and had a picnic on top of a hill in Paddington. After riding home we got dry and jumped in the car and went to an awesome little japanese restaurant. She thought the day was over until she came home to a trail of petals leading to the bath surrounded by candles and accompanied by wine.

These days, along with teaching Evey how to ride a bike and other little things have made me really enjoy those little things in life that can make every day beautiful.


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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2 Responses to Bike ride

  1. Granny Lee says:

    What a beautiful story, & so romantic. I love the photo, Elly looks so different with blonde hair. Look forward to reading more beautiful posts. See you at Christmas, so looking forward to seeing you all again. Love Granny Ldee

  2. Teresa says:

    What a great post. Loved reading every bit of it and I think EVERYONE should do this for someone special to them. You both are inspiring!

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