7 security guards, 2 police officers, simplicity and rapture

Things like this should be more regularly documented. The other night I told Dakota to come over, coincidentally just after that Daniel called to say he was coming over as well. Two of my best mates. The night started when Daniel and I went to buy some beer and decided to steal a bin for my house because they were too expensive at office works and the bottle shop had excessive amounts of bins next to the drive through. I have never stolen anything in my life, but because the guy working at the drive through wasn’t entirely keen on the idea of turning his back for us while we acquired the bin, we had to be a little sneaky and grab it from out of the window as we left the drive through. Only down side was when we tried to exit and went the wrong way then had to reverse back past him with a bin sticking out the window.

A few beers and sausage burgers later we finally decided to go for a skate. Between almost getting hit buy cars, waiting for Daniel to catch up and avoiding the chromers under the bridge we arrived at the Brisbane river. A good decision was made to sit on the City Cat jetty and drink another beer until old mate Mike had to do his job and kick us off, for our own safety. The we met Mary, a cranky old woman who chased us out of the car park which led us to another security guard who told us all about how stupid the guy who designed the art in Southbank is. Four more security guards who all knew us quite well after all the transmissions over the walkie talkies were our next acquaintances.

The next genius idea was to skate across the Goodwill bridge to QUT. I told Daniel and Dakota that we couldn’t leave the bridge until we had all shared a beer and looked at the city so Dakota took my beer and through it into the river. Alas we continued.

After 2 Police Men took our details incase there was a report of 3 skinny skaters bashing up Mary the cranky security guard we then called Elly to come pick us up. Her more than adequate reply was, “No, I am in bed, you skated there, skate home.” So we did.

The moral of the story is how simplicity and doing something so trivial can be the most amazing thing. All you need to have a good time is good friends, good imagination and high spirits.

NOTE: Upon proof reading this I feel it portrays me to look like a nasty, drunken, thieving, skater kid. So I would pre-emptively like to defend myself. I have never stolen before in my life, we basically told the guy at the bottle shop we were going to take one of his bins and although he had to oppose because it is his job, I think they will recover from losing on of there 50-60 bins. When I woke up the next morning I found that between the 3 of us we hadn’t even halved the contents of the carton so despite the story involving lots of beer drinking it was not a lot. Finally, we are not rowdy skater kids, everyone we met(except Mary) was really stoked to meet us and talked with us for a while. Oh and none of us can even really skate, I think that is what made the night a little more interesting.

– Wish I had taken my own photo.


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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