A disputable disposition

There are less than 2 weeks left of uni. I have one assignment left. In about 12 days time I will have no obligations other than work. I will be able to spend some time being hygienic and maintaining the world around me as opposed to living on fast food, coffee and energy drinks surrounded by piles of dirty clothes and unorganised belongings. It will be a time to recoup not only the organisation of my life be the relationships I have as well. I will be able to see more of my friends and family and spend quality time with these people. One more opportunity that will arise is the free time to work more. After I turn 20 at the start of next year I plan to find self actualisation. Instead of an ordered looping lifestyle, I want to experience everything with no linear direction.

On top of this, a friend I have known for almost ten years has expressed an interest to travel with me. I was not sure wether I wanted to travel alone or not, but if I had to travel with anyone, it would be him.

-Sitting like a sponge and letting everything soak.


About James Cassimatis

I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
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