This one’s for the boys. Pt.2

Friday Night – SO friday night after a delayed flight we get in to Melbourne around 10pm, after walking off the plane we realise that we underestimated just how cold it was going to be there. So we layered up before jumping into yet another van, a maxi taxi, to get to our hotel in the city.

We were shocked and immensely impressed by our hotel room especially considering the extremely low price of the place. Not only was it nice but it was in an awesome location that allowed us to drop off our stuff walk back out of the hotel and almost straight into china town looking for somewhere to eat.

Most places were closed at 10pm but we were determined to find BBNT, Burger, Burrito, Nacho, Taco. Eventually found the place only to find it was closed. In the end we found Lord of the Fries which satisfied our hunger and made us realise how long we had been walking around. So home time it was.

Saturday – wake up still sore from the accident but stoked on life. Half of us head out to get Mitch some bandages for his knee while half of us shower and then head out to look around. We all me up and did a lot of walking, a lot of being tourists and a lot of shopping didn’t we Trent? Discovering that Melbourne is just as awesome during the day as it was night we then went back through china town to find an awesome yum cha restaurant which we did. This place was full of dressed up Asian waiters, it was really fancy and really sweet, the highlight was eating chicken feet.

– Walking through China town looking for Yum Cha.

– All the boys.

By late afternoon we headed to the apartment with Red Bull and Jager to help us get ready for the show Milestones were playing at bang (a club at the Royal Melbourne Hotel).

Saturday night – after four Jarger bombs each and prettying ourselves up, we were pretty loose and ready for a good night. Screw the taxi, we had seen Anshu enough this weekend already, we walked to Bang (the wrong way for a good 10 minutes) and played with our big merch box along the way. HA! At Bang we loaded in all the band stuff which was…. ummmm… just the merch box. Then we were introduced to First Base and Apart From This, two awesome bands made up of awesome dudes. The guys we just met took us to the coolest little bar called BARHUMBUG it was tiny and you had to walk down some stairs so you were hakf a story below street level, it was so great, the best atmosphere, the insanely cool bar plus the sweet people we were with made for great times. HIGHLIGHT – Daniel telling the staff at the bar that he wanted a staff discount. Then when he ordered chips the cook was great enough to find Daniel funny and make us an extra bowl on the house.

Back to Bang as doors open. Apart From This play first, so much more awesome were they when they pulled out a Title Fight cover. $5 VB’s were going down well and Milestones were up next. Despite being relatively inebriated the band played to a coherent standard and from the point they finished their set there was only more good times that night to come…

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This one’s for the boys. Pt.1

Your mate Anshu the keen rapist, was not keen on the barter.
Why you ask?
I’ll tell you why?

Thursday night – Miles Away, Break Even and Hopeless playing at Snitch.
Definitely a good excuse to get together with the boys and have a great night before we leave for Melbourne the following day.

Early Friday morning – The show finishes soon after midnight so we leave around 1AM. All the boys and myself pile into dicklica (the van) and head back to Dakota’s place to crash.
We are half way home, talking about how exciting Melbourne is going to be, how good the night was and generally being in great spirits. As we are passing through a cross intersection through a green light all I see is Daniel and Dakota yell “WHAT THE FUCK!” and Dakota swerve the van violently to the left. Then like on a hectic roller coaster I start to be thrown around in my seat and then nothing…
I don’t know how much later it was but I wake up and look around to see that I am in an empty van. All the boys were outside the van, the walls and the roof were dented inwards and all the windows were smashed. the guys asked me if I was okay and I replied with yeah before they had to pull me through a window as none of the doors would open and I was too out of it to get out myself.

Upon getting out of the van the boys tell me the whole story.
A drunk drived had ran a red light coming into the cross intersection, Dakota had seen him coming at the last minute and swerved to avoid him, we almost got out of his way but he clipped the back corner of the van right where I was sitting. This spun the van around and unfortunately as to the laws of physics, when the van was sideways supplementary to still being propelled forward the van then began to roll. We we rolled the whole way over, on to one side, then onto the roof, then the other side, slid for a while and then finally hit the curb, flipped some more and landed back on the wheels taking out some street signs in the whole process.

Having neck pains, the paramedics who were on the scene very quickly had to take me to hospital along with Andrew. Luckily I was discharged at 5am and was allowed to go home and get some sleep because as Dakota had said after angrily pounding the van “FUCK IT, we’re still going to Melbourne.”

Friday morning– Wake up with out much sleep, eat breakfast, smash some panadol and head round to Dakota’s place. All the boys meet there and we say how we thought that one day we would look back on the crash and laugh, we didn’t think that time would come like 7 hours after!
I think the fact that all of us were okay made the situation a whole lot less serious.
We are all so lucky to be alive, all of us. When do you ever hear a story of 6 people flipping a van at 70kms an hour and all walking away?

Friday midday – Déjà vu, We are back in a van, Daniel’s mum’s this time. We drive to the Gold Coast and pick up the prints of the guys bands shirts and get dropped at the airport only to find that the flight has been delayed 2 hours and we were already there about 2 hours early HA!!! Never fly Tiger airlines.

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Challenge me!!!

So I have an interesting idea. I am going to make this post very interactive. I want people to reply to this and please actually put some effort into the reply.

I don’t claim myself to be a photographer or a writer but I love to write and I love to photograph things. So I actually spend a lot of time thinking about, and put a lot of effort into writing and taking photos. I’d love to get better at both these things and my idea that I encapsulate in this post should be an interesting and productive way for me to get some practice and get better at these two things I love.

To increase the willingness for YOU to put effort into replying to this post and making this challenge successful and fun for me, I am going to include an incentive, a prize that you can win. But more on that later.

So here is the challenge I am setting for myself and for you.

I want you to reply to this with a comment giving me ideas of things to document, things to photograph, things to write about, things to find and capture. BUT make it hard, make it something I won’t be able to do easily. Make it something that you don’t think I could do, ITS A CHALLENGE. However please don’t go overboard, try to make sure it’s achievable, haha. Don’t tell me to got to New York and get a photo rooting the statue of liberty because frankly I don’t have the money to do that. I will allow ideas up to 2 weeks from me posting this. Please allow me at least a few weeks after the idea has been posted for me to actually go out and attempt/achieve it.

The incentive/prize.

What I am going to do is attempt all of the good ideas that people come up with. I will post the results from all these ideas and either a sufficient amount of people’s comments will decide the winner for best result OR I will decide myself. Who ever initially came up with that idea, where ever they are from, who every they are, will get a large version of the photo/s printed maybe add a quote beneath it and I will frame it and send it to you.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a flop. Haha. Just remember you will be helping me out by merely posting a comment with an idea and from doing that you get the possibility of getting a framed photo sent to you for free. Hopefully that’s worth something to you.

Think on your toes, post something RIGHT NOW!

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No one knows who I am.

People may know my name, people may know what I look like.
They might know what I do, and what I’m interested in… but NO ONE knows who I am.
HELL, I don’t even know.

I’ve had too much time to think, Written songs that I’ll never sing.
Watched a town turn love to hate, Spilt my fucking guts just to be away.
– Dead Swans

Lately I HAVE had a copious amount of time to think. I feel very lost at the moment, kinda wondering where I fit in. I don’t see my friends enough, I haven’t really seen my family since I left home over a fortnight ago, I feel disconnected and unneeded. I keep thinking that soon enough things will change and everything will be perfect, but I look to the future and see no rays of sun on the horizon. I can’t think of anything huge that’s going to significantly influence my mood or my situation for the better.

Yeah holidays are coming up… that’s just more time for me to sit on my ass and achieve nothing.

I wan’t to know if other people feel this way, I want that comfort that someone else is lost as well.

I see so many photos on tumblr that make me realise how big this world is and how much I HAVEN’T seen. I feel so insignificant and boring, why aren’t I taking these photos, why am I sitting indoors social networking when I could be taking in the billions of endless beauties there are to be found in the world.

I feel like my uni degree is pointless, I’m not bad at it but I don’t enjoy it. Then again, I am not sure what I WOULD enjoy so I keep asking myself what to do. Should I stick it out for another year an a half and get my shitty degree? Should I change to journalism and see if I like that? Should I ditch uni all-together and fly somewhere I have never been before with no real plans just ambition and curiosity?

I think the only thing stopping me from doing the latter is my girlfriend. It’s probably a good thing, she is keeping me grounded, thinking seriously as opposed to getting myself into a stupid situation and she makes me insanely happy.

To wrap this blog up.
I have been happy lately. I have been working at Fasta Pasta and Destory All Lines, skating places, walking every where. Me and Evey went for a walk to the city, went to the suitcase rumage and I met up with Ben. Today I went to the shops and bought heaps of food. Made a wicked aubergine parmigiana for dinner. I have been taking lots of photos and doing a bit of shopping. Tomorrow I am going to post an awesome blog I have had in my drafts for a while.

But I am selfish, I am greedy. I want more. I want to find belonging and meaning.
I want to find myself.
Photobucket – So many places to go.

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So, hey thanks,

From when you begin your schooling life you go to school 5 days per week , out of the 52 weeks in a year you go to school 40 of those. Then you multiply that buy 12, as you go to school for 12 years (generally) and provided that you attend every day you get 2400 days at school. But hey, subtract a few public holidays, sick days and so forth. You still have well over 2000 days you have to go to school. Every single one of those days I had my lunch made for me and what a good lunch it always was. Without fail I was driven to and picked up from school every one of those days (except for when I got my licence).

When I wanted to learn guitar, I got a guitar. When I wanted to go to a concert I was driven and picked-up. I have never paid rent yet since birth I have constantly been fed amazing food every day. I barely ever do choirs, but they always get done. All the little things like shampoo, tissues, new sheets, a new bed, and an internet connection I never had to pay for.

I remember when I played soccer as a kid, I was driven to every game and cheered on from the sideline. I remember having nightmares, waking up shaking and crying and then being told it was all okay, tucked back into bed and cuddled to sleep.

There is no better feeling than having am amazing deep and meaningful conversation with your Mum and realising just how much you mean to her. I have a Mum that is sleep deprived because she would rather be able to look after her kids than have a normal day job where she gets to sleep at night like most people. I have a Mum who has put SO much into my upbringing that I have to ask myself, what has she been able to do that’s benefitted herself in the past 19 years? Despite not being a very well-off family my Mum has made my childhood as lavish as I could ever ask for. Even all of my friends love my Mum.

I don’t say I hate things very much. It’s such a strong word. But I hate Jimboomba, I never want to go back there. The only thing that’s making me miss it is my Mum. In fact I wish she was here right now, I wish she was out of that awful town as-well, I wish I could sit and chat with her and talk about everything that is wrong.

My Mum is my hero, I have not met a woman as amazing as her and doubt I ever will.

I love you Mum.

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Pretty mosh

Last night was great, it was the only chance I will ever get to see Casey Jones, SO glad that I didn’t miss it. They’re one of the most played Bands on my iPod and I have had their albums for YONKS. It was just very satisfying to finally see them live and it was an AWESOME show.

This morning Elly and I had an awesome sleep in then she left for work and I left for uni. I am really happy that I decided to no be lazy and walk from the cultural center as opposed to waiting for another bus because not only was it a nice walk, but I ran into an old friends and stopped in at T-licious to get a present for Elly and Evey.

I should walk places more often, I really enjoy getting to properly experience a beautiful place. I’m not saying Brisbane is that beautiful but I find the aesthetic pleasure in it and Southbank is definitely lovely.

Currently I am organising to have dinner with Ben and Taleigha which is also getting me excited. Today is a good day.

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I normally ALWAYS include a photo with my posts.
This statement is falsified by my former post.
So here is a picture taken a couple weekends ago.
Elly and I went for a drive to the coast for the day.
Had such a nice day and then that night went to see Milestones play at Hard Rock Cafe.
I ran into a girl at Hard Rock Cafe that had a Diana Mini F+ which is the lomo camera I REALLY wanna get.
She took a photo of me and Elly.

Earlier that day we witnessed a rock fisherman get saturated with water by a huge wave.
I attempted to capture it on film with my new lomo that takes these shaped pictures.

I failed but it’s a cool photo.


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This is rushed, this is unimportant.

*Start Stopwatch*

Okay so I am really busy with uni and have a lot to do by this Monday so I cannot wait my time doing leisure activities like blogging.
So I am typing this as quick as possible while still trying to maintain a decent amount of gamma and keep it coherent.

The main reason for posting this is because I have a lot of things I want to say and a lot of reason I am too busy to say them all.

Basically I am very stressed at the moment, I have so much uni work to do and so much I want to be doing.
It’s been like 3-4 days since I have seen Elly and we never go that long. I got promoted at work which means I will be getting more hours and have more responsibility. I am worried about paying the deposit for the volunteer project in Ecuador that I got accepted into. I could probably JUST have enough money to afford it
if I DON’T get my car on the road again and if I save my ass off for the next 5 months.

My room is a mess because I am too busy to clean it. Hell I am currently wearing my pants on inside out because I am too busy/lazy to turn them the right way before putting them on. I haven’t shaved for ages and I probably don’t smell the best.

In the next couple weeks the amount of uni work that I will have will die down and I will have time to out effort into this blog again. Hopefully I will be able to post about wonderful things like going skate-boarding with Elly.

One thing’s for sure. In one months time I will be posting a blog with a LOT of photos and possibly a video documenting my trip to Melbourne. A few of my best mates are in a band called MILESTONES, they are great, look them up. They have some shows in Melbourne so we are flying down there for the weekend. Should be a very rushed, very fun trip.

OH AND I just remembered, it is Aaron’s birthday this weekend so next weekend I am ditching any commitments and staying on the coast with him Daniel and Ben. I am very excited about that as well. I will dedicate a post to Aaron and his birthday weekend monday week.

Good night to everyone.
I am off to program a blogging website similar to THIS for my assignment.

*Stop Stopwatch*
Time: 14 Minutes & 3 Seconds

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It was a pyjama day today

Elly woke me up around 6:30 am to go to work. I was supposed to leave then and go to uni however it felt like a MUCH better idea to go back to sleep. I didn’t wake up till mid-day, got out of bed, ate left over thai from the night before and chatted to Elly’s Mum until she came home.

WE attempted to study, watched movies and listened to The Wonder Years

and that’s how I knew it was going to be a great day.

I had to put pants on so that I could walk her to uni. But it was so worth it.
I ran into Dakota and we don’t see each other very much anymore. So we walked around the uni for ages, chatted about everything, caught up on stuff and reminisced on good old times.

It was not at all a constructive day but it made me feel great!
I have so much appreciation for important people in my life.

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Sometimes you can spend a whole day doing nothing and have the greatest day,
Sometimes you can sleep in till the afternoon and not care,
Sometimes the sweetest thing is just to have someone poor your cereal and make you a coffee,
Sometimes you can just driving and listening to music can be the most amazing therapy,
Sometimes you spend a whole day holding someones hand and never get sick of it,
Sometimes you can laugh at nothing,
Sometimes everything makes you smile,
Sometimes nothing can get you down,
Sometimes being stupid isn’t stupid,
Sometimes the photos you take immortalise a perfect day,
Sometimes you’d rather sit and chat then go out and party,
Sometimes the freezing cold night cant stop you from sitting on the beach,
Sometimes sitting on the beach at night can be an irreplaceable moment,
Sometimes falling asleep next to someone special makes you wonder what every less fortunate person in the world is doing.

And sometimes this all happens in a couple days, that’s just bliss.

-Gross but great!

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